Shake It


Shake it® is a modern brand creating products to inspire a healthy active lifestyle. Our shaker echoes the aim for what we are about as a brand, to shake things up. We think of Shake It® shaker as a tool, a tool to create the best lifestyle possible for yourself. On the go, at the gym, in the office, whatever your needs our shaker has you covered. Our shakers are designed to cater for any drink you throw at them. Test them out and see for yourself, just remember to #shakeitup.


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We aim to get Shake It® on every continent in the world and spread the word as fast as possible. Some shakers have a singular use, but ours are universal. If you want to use a Shake It® shaker for a protein supplement drink then great, if you want to use one of our shakers as a simple way to transport your favourite smoothie to work that’s cool, or if you need a rugged drinks container for a mountain hike, we’ve got you.