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Our friends at Pure Chimp only use ceremonial grade Japanese matcha in their pure and blended teas, which is why they’re such a vibrant green. Ceremonial grade matcha has none of the bitterness of lower quality leaves, making Pure Chimp’s teas delicious and good for you both inside and out.

Alongside their pure matcha Super Tea, Pure Chimp also offers a lovely Lemon Super Tea, for those of you who like a little twist. That’s not all, for your hair, there’s a Super Shampoo Bar, made from all-natural ingredients including banana and beer – don’t worry, they assure us you won’t smell like a brewery! The Pure Chimp Super Soap, made with olive oil and banana extract is also fantastic for giving you soft, healthy skin.


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    Thrivo - Pure Chimp Matcha Green Tea

    10% Off Matcha Tea & Natural Beauty Products

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    Ceremonial grade matcha green tea leaves are the very best, and Pure Chimp are experts at turning them into a vibrant green powder with tons of health benefits. With Thrivo, you’ll get 10% off your first order, so that you can try the best, for a little bit less.

    You could try putting your discount towards some pure Matcha Green Tea, or try the one with a twist of lemon. There’s also a Super Shampoo Bar, made using bananas and beer!


    Pure Chimp – 10% Off First Order

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Pure Chimp is based in Cambridgeshire and was founded in 2013. It’s the home of the popular #1 selling Super Tea (Matcha Green Tea). Join 1000’s of people that are thriving on the benefits of this wonderful product. They also sell a range of 100% natural skin care products. Their products will help to improve your health & add that elusive glow to your skin. 100% natural skin care + super tea = great skin. All of their products are also suitable for vegans & have been registered with the vegan society.