Prepared by incredibly talented chefs for your goals and delivered direct to your door. Imagine going to the fridge and having all of your meals prepped for you! Think what you can do with the hours each week you can save cooking! Unlike almost all ready-prepped food we have an uncompromising focus on health and fitness. We use only clean ingredients, never add sugar, never add preservatives and design each meal so that it has the right amount of Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates to power your fitness goals.

The key to great tasting, nutritious meals is using the highest quality ingredients. We never compromise on the nutritional quality of our ingredients, which includes freshness. We’re lucky enough to be based in Dorset and use as many local suppliers as possible. Our chef’s are also VERY picky about what ingredients they will use for taste, as each meal that leaves their kitchen is a reflection of their skill and integrity.


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Our aim is to make each meal on our menu beg the question “How is something that tastes this delicious good for you?” We have tested 1000’s of recipes and only the ones the left us craving more made the menu. We also make sure that only the bests chefs make your meals so that you really can get restaurant quality, fitness food, delivered to your door.