Prana Protein

Prana Protein

Prana Protein create a range of nutritious bars, shakes and superfoods. Made with high-quality natural wholefoods, Prana Protein ensure their ingredients support your body, giving it the best chance to refuel, recover and restore.

Their tasty wholefood shakes are high in protein and fibre and come in 3 delicious flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla and Coconut. Made from a unique protein blend of milk, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, these shakes deliver 40% protein and make a refreshing post workout drink.

For a vegan friendly option, choose from their unique Vegan Protein Blend, Organic Hemp or Organic Pea Protein for a plant-based protein boost. Or, if you like to make your own blends for protein shakes, shop their range of organic superfoods and wholefood ingredients like Organic Spirulina Powder or Organic Chia Seeds. For those times, when you need quick and convenient nutritional boost, their high protein superfood bars have your covered!


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We started Prana Protein because we truly believe that everyone deserves good health and wellbeing, and wholesome nutrition plays a vital role in achieving this. So if you care about looking after your body and wellbeing, you’ll care about what you eat and drink so why not add Prana Protein to your daily regime? Discover more about our thoughtfully sourced, delicious range here.