14 Ways To Use Up Juice Pulp

14 Ways To Use Up Juice Pulp


It’s a common problem for those that love to juice – what do you do with the all fruit and vegetable pulp that’s left over?

If you’re a frequent juicer you’re likely to be overrun with pulp. So, while the fruits and vegetables may have already served their purpose, the pulp is anything but useless! In fact, the leftover bits that you possibly throw in the bin can be put to so many good uses in the kitchen and beyond.

Although juicing extracts lots of nutrients, there are still some left in the pulp. Plus, it’s full of fibre that can help keep the digestive system healthy and banish feelings of hunger.

If you’re guilty of throwing away your pulp, these ideas for making use of it will help reduce your food waste, make your food shop more economical and help you get the most from your fruit and veggies.

Add It to Burger Patties

Whether you’re making beef or veggie burgers, using up juice pulp by adding into the mixture will give the burger moisture and help it stay together. As an added bonus it increases the amount of vegetables in your finished meal without anyone knowing – perfect for sneaking in some extra serves of vegetables for your fussy eaters!

Add It to Smoothies

Adding juice pulp into your smoothies will help you pack even more fruits, vegetables and nutrients in. Smoothies are great for adding extra fibre into your diet because high powered smoothie makers are able to blend the skins of vegetables and seeds of fruits. Using up your pulp in a smoothie will mean you’re getting an extra dose of fibre.

Add pulp to smoothies.
Add pulp to smoothies for an extra boost of fibre and nutrients.

Boil It into Soups

Whether you’re making a thick hearty vegetable soup or a light broth, juice pulp adds extra flavour and density to a soup. You’ll be thankful for this versatile new addition as you can add the pulp into a broth and strain it out before serving, or use it in a thicker soup and blend it in with other vegetables.

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Mix It with Eggs

Eggs go well with almost any vegetable, so they’re the perfect accompaniment to leftover juice pulp. Use the pulp in omelettes, quiches, frittatas or even scrambled eggs to give the dish some density and variety.

Mix pulp with eggs.
Mix any leftover pulp with your favourite egg dish for density and variety.

Use It in Dips

Creating dips and spreads is a great way to use up juice pulp as it can be added to hummus, guacamole, salsa or bean dips for extra texture and flavour.

Bake with It

A brilliant way to sneak extra fibre into baked goods, fruit pulp can be stirred into cake, muffin, pancake and cookie mixes before baking. Choose the pulp depending on the flavour you’d like your baked goods to have
– carrot, apple, berry, spinach, beetroot and sweet potato work really well in baking, but avoid strong veggies unless you’re brave!

Bake with pulp.
Sneak extra fibre into your baked goods!

Thicken Gravy and Sauces

If you have a blender handy then sauces and gravies are a great nutrient-rich way to make use of juice pulp. Simply add vegetable pulp to the sauce and heat through then blend before serving.

Create New Pasta Sauces

Texture is one of the things that takes a good pasta sauce to a new level and using up vegetable and herb juice pulps in Italian dishes is a great way to improve the texture, not to mention the taste and nutrient levels too. Onion, tomato, carrot and pepper pulps work especially well in pasta and lasagne sauces.

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Add pulp to pasta sauces.
Take your pasta sauce to the next level with your leftover pulp.

Make Crackers

Making vegetable crackers is super easy with just chia or flax seeds to hold the mixture together. The fibre-rich crackers are perfect for dipping and different combinations of vegetables make creative new flavour combinations.

Make a Pulp Pizza Base

Vegetable pulp can be sprinkled onto pizza bases as a topping before baking or even used to create a raw pizza base. By adding chia and a little oil to your veggie pulp you can make a dough to flatten out and crisp up in a dehydrator.


Get Drying!

Pulp crackers and pizza bases are simple to make with the right dehydrator.

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Use It in Crumble

If you have leftover fruit pulp to use, it can make the perfect basis for a fruit crumble. Add some fresh fruit and a little juice along with a natural sweetener if needed and reduce in a saucepan until the mixture thickens. Transfer to a baking dish and cover with a crumble topping or oats and bake until brown.

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Eat It for Breakfast

On its own, fruit pulp might not make the best breakfast but when added to warm porridge, it creates a wonderful flavour and keeps you feeling fuller for longer in the morning. Fruit pulp can also be dehydrated and used in granola and muesli.

Apple Cinnamon Chia Bircher Muesli
Fuel your day with a delicious and filling breakfast of porridge, granola or muesli topped up with fruit pulp.

Freeze It

If you’re not able to use up your pulp straight away you can place it in freezer bags or plastic boxes and freeze it until you want to use it. This is a good way to store up pulp for large recipes and make sure it doesn’t get wasted.

Compost It

If you have too much pulp to handle or aren’t keen on a particular taste, use it as compost in your compost pile or compost bin to avoid it being wasted.

fruit and vegetable compost
If you’ve simply got too much pulp to handle, give your garden a boost and add it to your compost!

Never Let Your Leftover Pulp Go to Waste Again!

Bear in mind that, because each juicer is different, some people’s pulp will contain more liquid than others and may need to be strained in a sieve or muslin before being used.

Juice pulp will stay fresh in the fridge for up to three days but if you wish to use it later than this or store up a big batch then it’s best to freeze it to keep it fresh and prevent it drying out or discolouring.

With all these ideas for making use of both vegetable and fruit juice pulp, there’s no excuse for throwing leftover pulp in the rubbish bin. The possibilities are endless for this versatile waste product and if the thought of not being able to use up whole fruits or vegetables when juicing was putting you off, you have nothing to worry about!