DIY Natural Relaxing Massage Oil Recipe

DIY Natural Relaxing Massage Oil Recipe


Do you love a good massage to relax and unwind but find that you can’t justify the time, or expense, of a regular massage at a spa? Then check out this recipe for a simple do-it-yourself massage oil that will ease stress and help your home massage feel just as good as the real thing.

Made with a soothing blend of essential oils, this DIY massage oil is perfect for inducing a sense of relaxation when you just need some tranquility in your life. Lavender essential oil is naturally calming and is well known for its relaxing properties, while the herb valerian works to promote natural and deep sleep, and the sandalwood scent imparts a calming warmness.



  1. Place the sweet almond oil into a glass bowl and slowly stir in the essential oils, one by one, with a plastic spoon.
  2. Transfer the oil blend to a glass pump dispenser or a glass roller bottle, for handy on-the-go dispensing.

Top Tips

Use a Carrier Oil

When using essential oils, it’s necessary to use a carrier or base oil to dilute the essential oils, as pure oils are too strong for the skin. Sweet almond oil makes a great carrier for massage oils as it contains fatty acids that help to moisturise and plump the skin, hydrating dry areas and softening rough patches.

Avoid Metal

It’s important not to use metal tools when working with essential oils as they can react with the metal. A BPA-free plastic spoon or glass stirring rod will allow you to mix together the oils without absorbing the fragrances, as a wooden spoon would.

Store Away From Sunlight

Essential oils can also react with sunlight, so be mindful to contain your mixture in an amber glass bottle, jar or roller and keep it in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.


This amber dispenser, made from glass and BPA free plastic, is a great way to store your massage oil at home.
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While small roller bottles are ideal for popping in your bag and are perfect to dispense your massage oil on the go.
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DIY Massage Oil Is Your First Step to Relaxation at Home

Simple to make and easy to use, this DIY relaxing and natural massage oil is your first step to relaxation at home. Whip it up and gently apply to the skin to bring on a sense of calm. And if you light some candles, dim the lights and play your favourite relaxing music, it’ll be just as good as any spa treatment.

Your next step to home relaxation is to add some regular ‘me time’ to your weekly routine. It doesn’t have to be long, expensive or overly indulgent, either. It may be as simple as some time out in the bath, made even more relaxing with our calming DIY bath melts.

Want to relax even more? Quality sleep is key in helping to ease stress and unwind, but it’s not possible without the right environment. Check out these 10 tips on how to improve your sleep and overall wellbeing.

Last updated August 14, 2019