Stylin’ Up In the Best Vegan Winter Boots

Stylin’ Up In the Best Vegan Winter Boots


When you want to lead a compassionate, plant-based lifestyle it goes beyond your diet. From the food you consume, to the clothes you wear, you’re trying to lead a life that reduces harm to other beings on the planet – so you don’t appreciate the wise-cracks from others who just don’t get it.

“Are these boots vegan?”
“Of course, they don’t eat any meat!”

*Insert eyeroll and unimpressed look here.

That was an actual account that I witnessed recently but, thankfully, it is becoming less of the norm as more brands recognise the need to cater for the ever-growing vegan market.

And with the increased recognition, more styles are available. No longer needing to put up with slim pickings, vegans can now find footwear for any style, any season and any occasion.

In this post I’ll cover my top picks for the best vegan winter boots, for both men and women, looking at a casual, classic and classy pair for each.

Things to Consider Before Buying

When you are looking to make a purchase, the price and the reviews the product has received are obvious things to consider, but there are a few other specific things that matter too – especially when you’re shopping vegan. Keep the following considerations in mind when looking for the best vegan winter boots.

Ensure the Product Is Vegan: Materials, Adhesive and Dyes

For the boots to be vegan, everything that goes into making them needs to be synthetic, or plant-based – it can’t be animal-derived . It is not simply about the outer material but also the threads that are used to stitch the boots together, the dye used to add colour and even the adhesive used to glue them together. Ensure the product uses only plant-based materials and, if there they have a leather appearance, check that it is pleather or another synthetic imitation leather.

Is It an Ethical Product?

Beyond checking that the boots themselves don’t contain animal-derived products, you may want to consider whether it was created ethically. After all, humans are living creatures on this planet too and deserve to be treated fairly for their efforts.

It can sometimes be difficult to tell whether the product you are buying has been ethically produced. Check the manufacturer’s website to see where the shoes have been produced. If the makers pride themselves on being ethical, it will surely be mentioned. Of course, you can cross check and verify this. You can also use a few online filters and sites that sell only ethical products, ranging from fashion items to everyday groceries. Some of these include aVOID, Shop Ethical and The Higg Index.

Depending on where you draw the line as a vegan, you may also consider not supporting brands that make other items with animal products. While this can greatly limit your choices, hence my inclusions in the post, it is promising to see that there are more great, exclusively vegan brands popping up such as Will’s Vegan Shoes and Nae.

The Best Vegan Winter Boots for Women

In women’s fashion, boots come in all styles. A boot with a killer heel commands attention with your dressed-up attire, while a comfy faux-fur keeps you warm as you run errands on a cold winter’s day.

Holly Women’s Twin Button Waterproof Winter Snow Boots

Holly Women’s Twin Button Waterproof Winter Snow Boots

Style: Casual
Manufacturer: Holly
Materials: Synthetic (outer material), Synthetic Fur (inner material)
Fit: As expected (90%)
Price Guide: ££

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These twin button, soft textile boots from Holly are the best casual option for women to wear in the winter. The interior is lined fully with synthetic fur. The outer material is synthetic yet durable. Even if you wear these on a daily basis, which you are likely to given how comfy they are, the boots will last.

These are easy to wear, slip-on boots for a casual day out in the cold, for walking to the local supermarket or running errands. The sole is manmade and the shoe has a deep tread, which is ideal for cold winters when the ground tends to be especially slippery.

Thanks to the synthetic fur, these boots are also extremely warm. Your feet are sure to feel snug and comfortable in these boots.

Dr. Martens Unisex Adults’ Vegan 2976 Chelsea Boots

Dr. Martens Unisex Adults’ Vegan 2976 Chelsea Boots

Style: Classic
Manufacturer: Dr. Martens
Materials: Vegan/Synthetic (outer material), Textile (inner material)
Fit: As expected (74%)
Price Guide: £££

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These are classic, trendy and versatile boots that are sure to carry you a long way through the winter months. Perfect for a low-key meal out with friends, or any time you want to look a step-up from the ultra comfy boots above, the Chelsea is a classic style that can do no wrong.

The materials used are vegan, yet they provide you with all the grip, warmth and style you require from a pair of winter boots, without harming any animals.

A synthetic sole made of gum rubber, the Dr. Marten Chelsea features a one-inch heel height – keeping your soles insulated from the cold ground. The boots only need to be slipped into and you are good to take on the winter.

nae Bline — Women's Vegan Boots

nae Bline — Women’s Vegan Boots

Style: Classy
Manufacturer: nae
Materials: OEKO-TEX-certified suede microfiber, ecological and water-resistant (outer material); Anti-allergic microfiber, breathable (inner material)
Fit: Regular (order up if you are a half size)
Price Guide: £££

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These classy vegan boots from nae’s Bline series are made in Portugal. With a nine-centimetre heel, these boots are sure to give you the stance and elegance you deserve.

Even if you are in sub-zero temperatures, work and life do not stop. You do not need to shrivel in the cold. On the contrary, you can strut about with confidence in these boots.

The sole is made of gum rubber, so you get the grip and insulation you require. There is also a zip on the side to secure the boots closed.

With CO₂-free manufacturing and anti-allergenic, breathable microfibre, the Blines will keep your feet looking good, while feeling good, as well as doing good for the environment.

The Best Vegan Winter Boots for Men

While, traditionally, men may have lacked the wardrobe variety of their female counterparts, times are certainly changing. Males wanting to make conscious decisions when it comes to their winter boots can rest easy knowing there are casual, classic and classy options to suit all styles.

Sorel Men's 1964 Pac Nylon Boots

Sorel Men’s 1964 Pac Nylon Boots

Style: Casual
Manufacturer: Sorel
Materials: Synthetic (outer material); Manmade (inner material); Bonded felt frost plug (midsole)
Fit: Larger than expected
Price Guide: ££

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These casual, men’s winter boots from Sorel are the perfect footwear to step outdoors to buy milk from the corner store, head out for a leisurely forest walk, or just enjoy a weekend about town when the temperature has dropped. They give you a relaxed look while making the statement that you like to have fun in your downtime.

The gum rubber sole is perfect for getting grip if the roads are icy and slippery and also provide insulation. The midsole has 2.5-mm bonded felt frost plug. The lace-up design of the boots give them a snug fit, though some people find the fit is slightly larger than expected. There is a two-centimetre flat heel for better arch support.

Dr. Martens 1460 Vegan Boots

Dr. Martens 1460 Vegan Boots

Style: Classic
Manufacturer: Dr. Martens
Materials: Synthetic (outer material); Fabric (inner material)
Fit: As expected (79%)
Price Guide: £££

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These vegan-friendly boots from Dr Marten’s are made from a ‘soft and supple’ non-leather material called Felix Rub Off. The boots come with an air-cushioned sole that is extremely comfortable to wear. The lace-up design and two-tone finish of the outer material give the boots a classic look that you can’t go wrong with.

The PVC sole is sturdy, durable and provides you with the right bed to place your feet in. There is a flat heel of three centimetres that gives you better arch support for walking.

A classic-leather style finish without the animal-cruelty, these are a perfect pair of winter boots that can take you from a long day at the office, on the tube, and to your local for a pint with friends.

Will's Vegan Shoes Slim Sole Dress Boots

Will’s Vegan Shoes Slim Sole Dress Boots

Style: Classy
Manufacturer: Will’s Vegan Shoes
Materials: Water-resistant vegan micro-leather (upper); Thermoplastic rubber (soles)
Fit: Regular
Price Guide: ££

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These classy dress boots from Will’s Vegan Shoes are the perfect footwear for wearing to an important meeting, to a fancy dinner or when you want to bring your A-game.

The lining is soft and breathable and the insoles are cushioned with care. Ethically produced in Portugal, Will’s Vegan Shoes are PETA approved. The durable thermoplastic rubber soles give the shoes the insulation they require in the winter without taking away the aesthetics. Being well protected in the winter does not need to mean you can’t look fashionable.

Comfortable, fashionable and vegan, these boots are a winning trifecta!

Put Your Best Foot Forward This Winter

From casual to classy, with a classic touch thrown in the mix, there is a perfect vegan winter boot for everyone.

As new material technologies develop and more brands support vegan alternatives, or make it their complete ethos, vegan shoes are superseding their non-vegan counterparts in style, compassion and sustainability.

So put your best foot forward this winter and take care of your feet, and the planet, in a great pair of vegan winter boots!

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