Best Vegan Pre-Workout Supplements

The Best Vegan Pre-Workout Supplements


Need a bit of extra “kick” for your workout sessions? You aren’t alone.

It doesn’t matter whether you are beginning to get into training for the first time, or if you’ve been training for years and want to take it to the next level. Almost everyone who heads to the gym will consider a pre-workout powder before long.

Couple this need for extra energy during a workout with being vegan and your options can become limited. Even more disappointing is, some vegan pre-workout powders barely make a difference to your energy levels, despite being packed with unwanted sugars.

In this article we review the best vegan pre-workout supplements we’ve used and tell you what we do/don’t like about them, along with the flavours that taste the best. Some will be for maximum rush, while others will be healthier. You can decide which is right for you.

Before we dig in we should note that these are all vegan (as confirmed with the brands) and not simply vegetarian pre-workout powders. This may not matter to everyone, but we want to make sure our readers know that we’ve checked!

Do also note that our list is in alphabetical order, with our list of “winners” at the end.

Cobra Labs The Curse Pre-Workout

Cobra Labs The Curse

Best Flavour: Lemon Rush
Caffeine per serving: 155mg
Sweetener: Beet, Sucralose
Artificial flavours: Yes
Training Type: Weights, HIIT, sprints
For Best Results: take 25 mins before training
Price guide: £

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The Curse by Cobra Labs is an affordable pre-workout for vegans, mostly made up of Beta-Alanine, Creatine Monohydrate, L-Cirtulline, L-Arginine and Caffeine.

What We Like

We find it blends well, and gives a solid rush in energy. For those lifting, we found it also brought a nice amount of muscle pump.

Lemon is rarely a winner at our office when it comes to flavours, but between their options of Tropical Storm, Orange Mango and Lemon Rush it was a standout. Orange Mango is worth trying though.

What We Don’t Like

If you’re the type that doesn’t like tingles, jitters or itchy skin, it may be best to look elsewhere as you’re almost definitely going to feel it with this vegan pre-workout powder.

Some of our team have an aversion to sucralose, an artificial sweetener, due to claims it can trigger migraines. Others don’t mind this, finding the rush is worth it.

Tropical Storm flavour gets a pass from us – we won’t buy that flavour again.

Do Vitamins PurePump

Best Flavour: Unflavoured
Caffeine per serving: 200mg
Sweetener: None
Artificial flavours: No
Training Type: HIIT, sprints, running, cycling
For Best Results: take 20 mins before training
Price guide: £££

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A clean supplement option, Do Vitamins has produced a vegan pre-workout powder that is both certified vegan and paleo.

What We Like

3rd party tested, Do Vitamins PurePump pre-workout formula was first clean pre-workout supplement ever made.

With a huge list of cheap and artificial ingredients that are not included, PurePump is tested to be free of banned substances, instead using pharmaceutical grade amino acids.

It gives a nice kick without the sugar rush and burn so many other pre-workouts bring. This is a real favourite among those of us who run longer distances as a result.

What We Don’t Like

It’s hard to get past it – PurePump isn’t cheap. But while we love a great deal, we think money spent on our health is worth it.

For some of us, the unflavoured nature of this powder was fine, while to others it was a deal breaker. If you’re going to give the Do Vitamins PurePump a try, buy one tub and check it out first before going all in on a bulk order.

Novaforme PreCharge Vegan Workout Formula

NovaForme PreCharge

Best Flavour: Exotic Fruit Punch
Caffeine per serving: 125mg
Sweetener: Agave, Beet, Coconut Water, Stevia
Artificial flavours: No
Training Type: HIIT, sprints, running, cycling
For Best Results: take 30 mins before training
Price guide: ££

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A great follow up to the Do Vitamins PurePump vegan pre-workout, NovaForme has created a powder that is also clean, but much easier to drink as it is flavoured with powdered coconut water and beet extract. You can actually sip on it unlike some other pre-workout powders.

What We Like

We experienced a good increase in energy with no noticeable “kick”. Energy levels are increased, but you don’t notice it kick in hard like some of those more positioned for bodybuilding.

It’s great for long distance running and cycling, or for extended workouts as your energy will decline as it wears off but it doesn’t crash, thanks to more subtle caffeine sources of matcha, gaurana, yerba mate and more.

Also we don’t know if there’s any science to it, but we found we don’t get the same dry mouth/dehydration when using NovaForme PreCharge. The best we can put it down to is the coconut water component.

What We Don’t Like

Honestly, out of this entire list our team had trouble coming up with a list of cons for NovaForme’s PreCharge. The only criticism any of us had was it’s stevia content.

Stevia leaf in it’s natural form is considered fairly safe, but in extract powder form has come under some criticism.

Do know however, this was not important to all of us. If it’s content of stevia leaf extract isn’t a concern for you this, it’s really worth giving PreCharge a try.

NutraBio Labs Pre-Workout

NutraBio Labs PRE-Workout

Best Flavour: Tropical Fruit Punch
Caffeine per serving: 350mg
Sweetener: Beet, Sucralose
Artificial flavours: No
Training Type: Weights, HIIT
For Best Results: take 20 mins before training
Price guide: £

Back in the rage zone, NutraBio Labs PRE-Workout is more about muscle pump and getting a hard and heavy workout done, and less about the healthiest possible way of doing so. If getting jacked is your goal, read on.

What We Like

If you’re like some of us and you’re heavy on the caffeine for general daily life, NutraBio Labs PRE-Workout will still give you a noticeable energy boost.

This isn’t a vegan pre-workout powder that will give you a gradual increase in energy for hours on end, it’s a hard and fast energiser that will help you get your pump on.

Tropical Fruit Punch is our go-to flavour, though Green Apple is decent too.

What We Don’t Like

Steer clear of the Raspberry Lemonade flavour.

Also, with 60mg of sodium per serve, it’s not ideal. Combined with sucralose and artificial flavours, PRE-workout is not the sort of thing we’d want to be taking for an extended period of time.

ProFuel Tunnelblick Vegan Energy Powder

ProFuel Vegan Pre-Workout Booster

Best Flavour: Watermelon
Caffeine per serving: 400mg
Sweetener: Sucralose
Artificial flavours: Yes
Training Type: Weights, HIIT
For Best Results: take 20 mins before training
Price guide: £

Seriously heavy in the caffeine department, ProFuel’s vegan pre-workout is packed with high-intensity ingredients, with L-tyrosine which has been shown to improve cognitive function during stressful scenarios.

Do know however, that this is something to avoid for those with a hyperactive thyroid.

We debated as to whether or not to consider this as the best vegan pre-workout powder as the flavour is an acquired taste. Only one of us genuinely “liked” it and vouched for it to be included in this article, while the rest of us persevered with downing it.

What We Like

We found this pre-workout dissolved really well, with no “grit” left at the bottom of our shaker bottle.

For those of us lifting heavy and doing high intensity interval training, it did help us to unleash the fury.

What We Don’t Like

ProFuel is a German brand, and while we like the idea of everything being tested to German standards, when it comes to buying health supplements, we really want to see everything in English.

It seems to clump up a lot more than other brands, so make sure to keep it completely dry! A quick Google told us we weren’t the only ones to have this problem, which we’ve since been told is usually the result of people removing the dry sachet in the tub (oops, guilty)…

Neither flavour is one we were particularly excited about. We were about 50/50 between Green Apple and Watermelon.

PureActive PreExercise Vegan Supplement

PureActive PreExercise

Best Flavour: Berry Blast
Caffeine per serving: 220mg
Sweetener: Beet, Sucralose
Artificial flavours: No
Training Type: Weights, HIIT, sprinting
For Best Results: take 35 mins before training
Price guide: ££

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Milder on the caffeine scale, but still higher than the more natural products, this was a middle-ground for the skinnier lifters among our bunch who didn’t need a huge dose to get things moving.

What We Like

It’s not stupidly sweet tasting like some vegan pre-workout powders. Slightly tangy, we enjoyed the Berry Blast flavour the most.

There’s a mild pump you’ll get from using this while lifting, but don’t expect the same as NutraBio Labs PRE-Workout. This is more of a Superman pre-workout, not The Hulk.

As a result, the “come down” is barely noticeable.

What We Don’t Like

This one seemed to kick in a lot slower than usual, with most of us finding 30-40 minutes was the time required to begin feeling the effects. It’s not a huge negative, it just requires some planning before workouts.

You’ll still feel the skin tingles with this pre-workout, but they’re not as noticeable as the others.

Some of us found the Pink Lemonade was too sour while others loved it. Berry Blast is the safe buy.

Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer

Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer

Best Flavour: Acai Berry
Caffeine per serving: 100mg
Sweetener: Brown Rice Syrup, Coconut Palm Nectar
Artificial flavours: No
Training Type: Gym classes, power yoga, running, cycling
For Best Results: take 35 mins before training
Price guide: ££

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Possibly one of the most well researched products in this list, Vega Sport’s Pre-Workout Energizer provides an energy boost similar to that of NovaForme PreCharge.

Not sickly sweet, and a bit “organic tasting”, this vegan pre-workout takes longer to kick in than most, but seems to keep energy levels higher, for longer. It figures too, since the man behind the product, Brendan Brazier is an ultra marathon champion.

What We Like

The “natural high” is good enough to pull you from a haze but not so much as to ruin your Shavasana with a racing mind at the end of a tough power yoga session. Think green tea instead of a triple espresso.

While the pre-workouts designed for weightlifting left us with an energy crash on longer runs, Vega didn’t. Even after hours on end, the “come down” has never been noticeable.

What We Don’t Like

If you’re a “glass and a spoon” type of pre-workout mixer, avoid this one at all costs. You absolutely must use a shaker bottle to come close to enjoying it, because of the yerba mate that is used in the product.

Some of us flat out couldn’t handle the flavour and texture of this pre-workout. You really need to try it to decide if it’s right for you.

The Best Vegan Pre-Workout Supplements

As we ran through these pre-workout powders we realised they fell into 4 main categories which we selected “winners” in each. Our favourites were:

So there you have it! It’s amazing to think that only a few years ago, finding a vegan pre-workout was borderline impossible, but today there’s a huge range available.

Happy exercising!

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