The Best Vegan Apps for Dating, Food, Travel and More!

The Best Vegan Apps for Dating, Food, Travel and More!


With the emergence of the smartphone, the world is at your fingertips. There is an app for pretty much everything under the sun.

You can get recipes, order food, buy anything and everything, track your workouts, your calorie intake, play tons of games, get your daily dose of the news and so on. Nothing is off the table.

If you are a vegan, there are many apps that have been especially developed to help you through life. The best vegan apps can help in tracking down great vegan food in your location, provide inspiration for cooking something fun at home, aid you with shopping, provide tips for travel, offer parenting tips for raising vegan children, and even find like-minded people to date.

The best vegan apps listed below are designed specifically with vegans in mind and can help you navigate in a non-vegan world.

The Best Vegan Apps

There are plenty of apps that can help make your life easier as a vegan. While many of these require a small payment for download, there are also some that can be downloaded for free.

Most vegan apps are available for download on both iOS and Android platforms.

With apps for so many different aspects of life, I’ve broken them down into the following categories:

  • Recipes and Cooking
  • Eating Out
  • Shopping
  • Alcohol
  • Travel
  • Parenting
  • New Vegans
  • Best Vegan Dating Apps

Recipes and Cooking

Forks Over Knives Recipes App

Forks Over Knives (Recipes)

Developer: Forks Over Knives LLC
Price: Paid
Average Rating: 4.45
iOS Android

There has been a large amount of research that propounds the belief that a plant-based diet is the way to move forward because of the innumerable health benefits. It can, however, get a little confusing to stay on the vegan bandwagon when the food options are limited.

With the help of this recipe app, created by the folks who created one of the best vegan documentaries of the same name, you will never have to worry about your next vegan meal.

There are plenty of options for people with different levels of expertise so that a beginner is not saddled with work suitable for professional chefs!

Oh She Glows Healthy Recipes App

Oh She Glows – Healthy Recipes

Developer: Oh She Glows
Price: Paid
Rating: 4.75
iOS Android

Angela Liddon set up her recipe blog to help people who were struggling with good food. It was so helpful that it grew to command a readership of over a million followers.

The Oh She Glows app is a great platform to gain access to the New York Times bestselling author’s personally tried and tested plant-based recipes.

Considered by many to be one of the best vegan apps, this is updated regularly and you can be assured that the content being posted has been personally recommended by Liddon, who takes great pride in her work.

gonutss - Vegan Translator

gonutss — Vegan Translator

Developer: gonutss/Dror Grof
Price: Free
Average Rating: 4.55
iOS Android

Another great vegan recipe app to have on your phone is the gonutss app, available on both iOS and Android.

The best part about this app is that you can go through non-vegan food items to find alternatives that are vegan. The app will give you the recipe and ingredients required to make it easier for you.

It also comes with Veganpedia, a resource that will help you understand vegan raw materials. Recipes can be searched using categories like gluten-free, fair trade, sugar-free, and so on.

Eating Out

HappyCow: Find Vegan Food App

HappyCow Find Vegan Food

Developer: HappyCow
Price: Paid
Average Rating: 4.6
iOS Android

Eating out used to be a difficult task for most vegans, but things are changing now. HappyCow is a great vegan restaurant guide, which not just tells you about restaurants that are exclusively vegan, but also other restaurants with vegan-friendly menus.

The app, available on both iOS and Android platforms, uses your location to list the vegan-friendly places around you with the help of an interactive map. You can also find relevant contact information and reviews posted by other users so that you can make an informed choice.

The HappyCow app can be used anywhere in the world, which makes it ideal for times when you are traveling or moving cities.

Vegman App


Developer: yoozoo GmbH
Price: Free
Average Rating: 3.75
iOS Android

HappyCow is a paid app, so if you don’t want to pay to know the best vegan options around you, you can opt for the Vegman app instead.

While the list of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants on this app isn’t as extensive as HappyCow, it gives you a decent idea of what are the options around you.

As the app is global in nature, you can look up vegan options in your own city, the next state, or a different country altogether, depending on your travel plans.

Vurger — Discover Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants App

Vurger — Discover Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants

Developer: Clay Banks/845CO
Price: Free
Average Rating: 4.8
iOS Android

Another great app to find vegan and vegetarian restaurants in your vicinity is the Vurger app. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, this free app allows you to look for vegan-friendly restaurants across the globe, with an option to save the places that you may want to try out in the future.

Once you visit the restaurant, you can leave your review of the place and even post pictures to help others who visit after you.

The app is working on covering any gaps and if you notice a restaurant that should be on it, you can mention it on the app and it will be added!


Is It Vegan? App

Is It Vegan?

Developer: Conner Burggraf
Price: Free
Average Rating: 2.65
iOS Android

One of the biggest challenges that vegans face is figuring out whether the product lying in front of them is vegan friendly or not. With the help of some of the best vegan apps like Is It Vegan?, you don’t have to spend tons of time reading ingredient lists anymore.

Even if you were able to read the ingredient lists, how would you be able to decipher one meaning from the other?

You can just open the app and use your camera to scan the UPC code on the packaging. The app will analyze all the ingredients for you and tell you what is vegan and what isn’t.

Vegan Or Not? App

Vegan Or Not?

Developer: TorHen
Price: Free
Average Rating: 4.1

This app is similar to the one discussed before, as it can help you understand what the chemical compounds on the ingredient lists of different products mean. One of the biggest challenges of being vegan is shopping.

When you are out buying different products for your day-to-day use, it’s a challenge to know what are the different animal-based compounds that have found their way into the description of the products.

This app is helpful in discovering which ingredients are vegan and which are not.

Vegan Pocket — Is It Vegan? App

Vegan Pocket — Is It Vegan?

Developer: Arthur Roussel
Price: Free
Average Rating: 4.2

A question that many vegans often ask people around them is — ‘Is it vegan?’ By downloading the Vegan Pocket app, you will be able to look up any product on this platform to find out whether it is vegan friendly or not.

The app works across a number of categories, including cosmetics, food, clothing items and so on. If there are items that you cannot find on the app, there is also a feature that allows you to add it to the platform to help others. We’re not alone in considering this a great vegan app, the reviews speak for themselves.


Veggiebeers App


Developer: John Crossley
Price: Free
Average Rating: 4.55
iOS Android

Did you know that as a vegan, you have to be careful about what you are drinking in terms of alcohol? If you are struggling to figure out if your drink is vegan friendly, the Veggiebeers app is just what you need.

Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and people suffering from celiac disease, this app can help you find a beverage – wine, ale, lager, spirits and so on – that will be in line with your dietary restrictions. You can either scan the barcode of the drink, or manually search the database.


Vegvisits: Vegan & Vegetarian Home-Sharing App

Vegvisits: Vegan & Vegetarian Home-Sharing

Developer: Vegvisits LLC
Price: Free

Travelling can sometimes be a challenge if you have dietary restrictions but that shouldn’t be a reason for you to stop exploring.

A great app to download on your phone as a vegan is Vegvisits, available only on Android (you can use the website if you don’t have an Android smartphone).

This platform can be used to find vegan-friendly places to stay across the globe. You will be living with vegan and vegetarian hosts and using their kitchens to make your trip as convenient as possible.

AirVegan App


Developer: Saba Mallory
Price: Paid
Average Rating: 4.4

Airports can be a challenge at the best of times. You’re tired, hungry and just want to make it to your flight on time. Grabbing a pre-flight vegan meal can be tough, especially when the vegan-friendly options are scattered through different terminals. If you are a frequent flier who faces such problems often, the AirVegan app is just for you.

AirVegan uses a colour-coded rating system to tell you which airports have vegan options and which ones don’t. Red signifies severely restricted options, yellow means there will be a few, and green means you have nothing to worry about. You can decide on your meals accordingly.


Raise Vegan Magazine App

Raise Vegan Magazine

Developer: Joomag Inc.
Price: Free
Average Rating: 4.1
iOS Android

Raising a child is not an easy task and it can become even more complicated if you are trying to raise your child as a vegan.

Providing all the essential information to help you in your plant-based parenthood journey, the Raise Vegan Magazine app guides you on a variety of topics including vegan pregnancy and breastfeeding, vegan family life, shopping guides and recipes, scientific articles and family-friendly vegan events.

New Vegans

Vegan Life App

Vegan Life

Developer: Thomas Peikert
Price: Free
Average Rating: 4.5

The journey to becoming a vegan can be quite complex, especially in the initial phase after you decide to make the change.

Vegan Life is a free Android app that is designed to act as an introductory course to veganism. It attempts to answer some important questions like ‘Why veganism?’, ‘What are the popular vegan substitutes?’, ‘How to cook vegan food?’, ‘How to communicate your dietary preferences more effectively?’ and so on.

VeGuide App

VeGuide — Go Vegan the Easy Way

Developer: The Vegan Society
Price: Free
Average Rating: 3.95
iOS Android

VeGuide is a free app by The Vegan Society that aims to make the lifestyle shift to veganism as smooth as possible.

It allows you to choose your motivation, watch videos put together by experts, track your progress effectively, access recipes, take part in quizzes and so on.

Available for both iOS and Android platforms, it addresses the most common stumbling blocks to going vegan and empowers you with the tools to overcome them.

21-Day Vegan Kickstart App

21-Day Vegan Kickstart

Developer: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Price: Free
Average Rating: 3.95
iOS Android

If you’re trying to go vegan but struggling to break your meat or dairy eating habits, this app is a godsend. 21-Day Vegan Kickstart is great as it has a number of recipes for all meals of the day – preventing boredom or the initial glitches that come up when people make a lifestyle change.

Designed by nutritional experts, it features meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, daily videos, nutrition tips and cooking demonstrations. Plus, it has daily messages of inspiration to empower you through the 21 days it takes to break old habits and make the plant-based change.

The Best Vegan Dating Apps

Veggly – Vegan and Vegetarian Dating App

Veggly – Vegan and Vegetarian Dating

Developer: Similar Souls/ Alex Felipelli
Price: Free
Average Rating: 3.85
iOS Android

When you are looking for someone to get romantically involved with, there needs to be a small basis of understanding and similarity in life choices.

Many vegans find it tough to go on regular dating platforms as it is difficult to search for people with similar dietary preferences without wasting time.

With Veggly, you will be saving a lot of time as you will know that the person shares the same values as you.

KaleDate Vegan Dating App

KaleDate Vegan Dating

Developer: KaleDate
Price: Free
Average Rating: 2.2

Another dating platform for vegans and vegetarians is KaleDate. It is very easy to set up an account on the KaleDate website or app, both of which are free to use.

Once you have the account in place, you can start interacting with fellow vegans who share the same thoughts and preferences as you. This app is only available for Android users.

Hunny Bee App

Hunny Bee — Vegan Dating

Developer: Hunny Bee LLC.
Price: Free
Average Rating:

Hunny Bee is another dating app for people who are vegetarian or vegan and want to meet other like-minded people.

The app markets itself as a “plant-based app for plant-based eaters” as it attempts to connect vegans and vegetarians across the world with its unlimited distance ability. It employs the same swiping method that was popularised by dating apps like Tinder.

Currently only available on iOS platforms, Hunny Bee is coming to Android some time in future, according to their Instagram profile.

The Best Vegan Apps Make Life Simpler

In our modern, hectic lives, many of these apps can be a godsend. From planning your weekly meals to making sure the products you’re about to purchase align with your cruelty-free beliefs, from receiving motivation to stick with your lifestyle – even on the down days – to finding the (vegan) love of your life, there are apps to take the time, hassle, and guess-work out of every aspect of life.

Tell us your thoughts, have we missed one of the best vegan apps? Let us know in the comments below!

Or, if you’re finding you need a break from tech but still want to be inspired, enriched and educated on your vegan journey, head over to my post on the best vegan books for some great reads.