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We all know that drinking plenty of water is essential for good health, but it can be hard to stay motivated with just plain old water. What if we told you that there was a way to infuse your water with fresh fruits (that didn’t require a messy blender), that would make you the healthiest, most stylish water drinker around?

Infruition’s incredibly simple, yet effective and stylish water bottles come with an in-built infusion compartment, which you can fill with your favourite fruit combinations. It’s time to get creative with your hydration!

Oh, and the bottles themselves? They’re made from BPA-free plastic, so no nasty chemicals will be seeping into your water.


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    Thrivo Health & Wellness Discount Codes - Infruition
    Thrivo - Infruition fruit infusing water bottles

    15% Off Infruition Water Bottles

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    With 15% off your first order at Infruition, there’s really no excuse to not be drinking more water. Especially when doing so looks as stylish as this.

    Infruition make BPA-free plastic water bottles, with a super snappy little compartment for you to load your favourite fruit into. Once the fruit is in, all of its natural goodness flows out into the water, gently flavouring it the natural way, without added sugars or preservatives. It’s up to you whether you eat the fruit afterwards (you totally should) and the whole thing is so much less messy than a blender!


    Infruition – 15% Off First Order

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Infruition’s message is simple; we want to help people drink more water, naturally. We launched the brand with this idea in mind and immediately knew that fun and creativity was at the heart of Infruition. Everyone knows they should drink more water and Infruition makes it easy.

The concept is simple: a standard re-usable water bottle with a chamber to store fruit, veg, herbs, tea – whatever you like, which over the day infuses your water with your chosen flavour so there is no more need for fizzy drinks or sugary squashes!