£10 Off allplants Vegan Meal Delivery

£10 Off allplants Vegan Meal Delivery


Get £10 off any first-time order from allplants and get delicious and nutritious plant-based meals delivered to your door! Each meal has been developed by nutritionists to deliver optimum plant-based nutrition and made craveable by their team of expert chefs.

Once cooked to perfection, their handmade vegan friendly meals are frozen, locking in the nutrients and the flavour so every meal is the best it can be when you’re ready to eat. Simply pick and choose from their growing menu and build a box with your favourite healthy plant-powered eats. Your chef-prepared meals will then be conveniently delivered from their zero waste kitchen to your home or office, just as fresh and nutrient-packed as if just cooked!

Whether you’re already plant-based and looking to stock up on balanced vegan friendly meals, or you’re simply health-conscious looking for a convenient way to give your dinners a veggie boost, allplants have you covered. After a hard day’s work, having an allplants meal ready to go in the freezer means that you’ll never worry about not having something delicious and healthy for dinner again!

Not sure what to choose first from their tasty menu? Why not give their ‘Chef’s Discovery Box‘ a try, featuring their 6 most popular dishes including ‘Cashew Mac‘, ‘Fiery Jerk Jackfruit‘ and ‘Super Green Risotto‘ to name just a few!

Give yourself a plant-based boost with allplants and receive £10 OFF your first box with this exclusive discount code!


allplants – £10 Off allplants Box

Copy code and click ‘Continue to Site’ button


1. Click ‘Reveal Code’ button.
2. Copy code.
3. Click ‘Continue To Site’ button.
4. Add products to your basket.
5. Enter code in discount/coupon code box at checkout.

Terms: One promo use per household. First time customers only. Applicable to subscription or one-off orders; single or double serve. We reserve the right to suspend the promotion or cancel discounts in the unfortunate situation we suspect abuse of the offer. Code valid until 1/9/18. UK residents only. Not redeemable for cash


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