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Creative Nature are experts in sourcing and selling the best superfoods around, from goji berries and cacao nibs, to pink crystal salt. Their very own range of snack bars, which includes Blissful Berry and Heavenly Cacao are cold-pressed, to retain all of the nutrients which can sometimes be lost during heating.

For the athletes and exercisers, there’s also hemp protein, spirulina powder and guarana powder, a natural energy booster that’s hugely popular in its native Brazil. If it’s baking goods you’re after, we highly recommend checking out Creative Nature’s Organic Cacao Powder and Chia Seeds. Creative Nature sources its products from all over the world, but sea freights them to keep their carbon footprint as low possible.


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    With 20% off your first order at Creative Nature, you can make some huge savings on a massive variety of sustainably sourced superfoods, snacks and ingredients. Creative Nature sources only the best ingredients from around the world, and ships them in by sea for the lowest possible impact on the environment.

    So whether you’re stocking up on chia seeds, or looking for a new favourite snack bar, like Creative Nature’s very own Blissful Berry, stick a few more in your basket and really take advantage of this great offer.


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Creative Nature is a young, ethical organisation that was established to promote health, creativity and respect for the environment, by increasing awareness of environmental, social and health issues, and by providing the highest quality natural products.

They are one of the leading protagonists in the superfood world and have been supplying these amazing, nutritionally dense foods for over six years. Their products have been sourced from some of the most remote and untouched corners of the earth, where the soil is rich in nutrients and has not been damaged by over farming and the use of agro chemicals. This has resulted in a collection of pure, raw, unprocessed, natural products, including some of the most potent ‘healing’ foods on earth.