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Tiny Fish

The brains behind Tiny Fish are Kristin and Erin, two women who have travelled the world and share a passion for their love of yoga. As a result of this, Kristina and Erin have designed a gorgeous collection of vibrant sportswear, expressing their passion for movement and fashion.

Not only are the collections dazzling and eye-catching with a luxurious feel, but the fabrics are also breathable, have two-way stretch and UV protection! We absolutely love their mood lifting Om Blue Leggings and their chic Sway Leggings.

Functional and fashionable, these leggings are unlike anything you’ll find on the high street. Designed for mile-a-minute women with a zest for life, Tiny Fish is the brand to get you through from breakfast to yoga, and everything in between!

The name Tiny Fish is a combo of both Erin and Kristina’s nicknames. Kristina is Tiny and Erin is Fish. Tiny Fish is the culmination of Erin and Kristina’s love for self-expression through fashion, movement, yoga, and healing arts. The intention behind the brand is one of love and authenticity, for anyone who wants to express herself through fashion and art, no matter her size or shape!

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