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PLENISH juices are raw, organic and cold-pressed, offering a delicious way to stay hydrated and enjoy all the nutrients contained in fresh fruits and vegetables. With a range of vitamin packed juices, innovative probiotic waters and unsweetened nut milks, this vibrant company aim to help you boost energy, maintain an alkaline pH and keep your health in good check.

Created by New Yorker Kara Rosen, each fruit and veggie-packed juice has a careful balance of phytonutrients and protein. The juices are cold pressed to ensure all the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes stay intact, and to ensure they’re as full of nutrients as they possibly can be. PLENISH is also home to the UK’s first probiotic water, with each bottle containing one billion bioactive cultures to ease digestive troubles!

Our favourites juices include Pump, with a beetroot, carrot, cherry and lime flavour, and stress busting Calm, packed full of yummy pineapple, apple mint and aloe vera. With no added wheat, gluten or processed sugar, tasty PLENISH juices, Water+ probiotic waters and long life nut milks are the perfect healthy drinks to kick start your body.

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