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Elderbrook Cordials
Elderbrook cordials are a far cry from the sugary, artificially flavoured squashes you had as a kid, and with combinations like Yuzu, Spanish Lemon & Lućuma, you’re in for a superfood treat. Packaged in beautiful glass bottles, Elderbrook’s hand-blended cordial tonics have a distinctly vintage feel about them, with an exciting modern superfood twist. They contain no artificial sugar or preservatives, and are sweetened with just a little bit of coconut nectar. Now available in 9 fantastic flavours:
  • Lime, Mint & Baobab
  • Spanish Orange, Apricot & Goldenberry
  • Pomegranate, Cherry & Cardamom
  • Mango, Passion Fruit & Goji Berry
  • Blackcurrant, Blackberry & Mulberry
  • Honey Melon, Cucumber & Yerba Maté
  • Plum, Apple & Rosehip
  • Yuzu, Spanish Lemon & Lućuma
  • Blood orange, Carrot & Macá
We make Cordial Tonics. They’re a new way to make water tastier whilst doing yourself some good. We blend fruit, superfoods and add some natural sweetness using coconut nectar. Never heard of it? Neither had we until we discovered it’s low GI and full of goodness like amino acids, vitamin C and calcium. Coconut nectar also means Elderbrook is very low in natural sugar. Enjoy by pouring enough to line the bottom of a glass, add still or sparkling water and a little ice if the mood takes you. (You decide, you’re the alchemist).

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